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The BDry Towel was created out of necessity while living in a corporate apartment with my wife and three daughters. Due to a hectic work schedule on a 6 month project the only time I could spend with my wife and three daughters was one meal per day (if that) and taking them to the swimming pool on Saturday or Sunday afternoon. We noticed after our first trip to the pool that we had a lot to carry. (see photo). Since I had to work to meet the six month deadline I had to work a lot beside the pool while they were swimming. Of course my three girls would often persuade me to come in for a swim but they were usually short. The next problem I had was that no beach towel covers the entire chair. Being a person who has a healthy fear of germs I ended up taking two towels with me for our second trip. After that second trip to the pool I noticed a third problem that no matter how hard I tried the towel would slide down on the back of the chair. And then there was the wet towel problem which was not fun given that I had to work while my backside stayed wet.
Long story short, I told my wife one night about an idea I had to fix the issue. After an exhaustive patent search we had a solution. We have patented a towel that solves all of the problems plus the sweaty rear problem.

We have tested it throughly and know you will be pleased with the Bdry Towel and remember,
“your bum will thank you” for it.