Love Your Butt. Keep it Dry.

Keep Your Bum Dry

The mesh insert was designed specifically to be fast-drying and pull water and sweat away from your body.

Protect Your Chair

By having the entire chair covered, you keep your pool or beach chair safe from sun damage and harmful suntan chemicals.

Easy to Carry and Use

The BDry Towel was designed to be easy to carry with its own strap and has separate ties to keep it secure to your chair.

Patented Mesh Insert

What makes the BDry Towel unique is the patented mesh insert. It's designed to allow water and air to pass through, keeping you cool and dry.

Born Out of Necessity

The BDry Towel was created to fill a need. Instead of carrying multiple towels to cover your whole seat and dry yourself and then having to carry all those wet towels back in your bag, this patented towel solves all of those problems. It helps you get dry faster, it's easy to carry with its own strap, and fits over your entire chair.

Get yours today and see how effective it really is for yourself.

5 Colors Available

Get a towel to match your style and your decorations! BDry Towels are available in Blue Skies Blue, Pink Flamingo Pink, Sandy Beach Beige, Watermelon Sorbet, Honey Bee, and Polu Blue!

Why BDry?

  • Dry Quicker

    Mesh insert allows for you to dry off fast, your bum will thank you

  • Secure

    The BDry Towel won't slip down your chair thanks to the pocket on the back

  • Portable

    Easily pack into your bag or carry by itself with the convenient carry strap

  • Easier to Transport

    Water passes through the mesh seating, so it's dry when you're ready to leave.

  • Make a Difference

    A percentage of each towel sold will go toward freeing people from human trafficking and providing them with the tools that they need to be able to more effectively support themselves in the future.

  • Featured at PSP Expo

    BDry Towel's groundbreaking product has been featured as the Product Spotlight in the category of Backyard Living Product at the 2019 International Pool Spa and Patio Expo Show.

  • 2020 Surf Expo

    BDry Towel was featured at the 2020 Surf Expo, and continues to grow in popularity. The Surf Expo is the world's largest and longest running watersports and beach lifestyle tradeshow.